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USANS desmearing does not use the slope from loading

Reported by: Vijay R. Tirumala Owned by: ajj
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Component: USANS Reduction Keywords: Desmearing
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The desmearing routine for USANS data includes, (1) loading the data, (2) masking the data if necessary, (3) data extrapolation to determine the slope to be used for desmearing, (4) smoothing the data if necessary, and finally (5) desmearing the data. At the end of step (5) the user may save the desmeared data by clicking on the "save" button. In the NCNR SANS macros version 7.0 that I have recently installed, I find that loading the USANS data for desmearing prompts the user to determine the slope at the beginning. Assuming that we no longer need to follow step (3) of the routine, I continued through the desmearing process only to find that the software does not allow me to save the desmeared data. The "save" button is unresponsive.

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Spoke w/ Vijay. The issue was that the extrapolation in the Desmear panel was giving jibberish as a slope (some ridiculously large number) . this caused the desmearing routine to fail - and give lots of errors. As as result - no "_dsm" data was ever generated or plotted. Therefore the save was not done - as the "dsm" waves did not exist.

Manually entering a slope, then desmearing solved the problem.

A better solution, as Vijay noted, would be to use the slope from loading the data. Then the step would not need to be repeated.

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fixed in r742:

Now the behavior is for the desmearing panel to use the slope as found when loading the .cor data. For a fresh file, it proceeds as usual. For a previously-loaded file, be sure to NOT re-load the file (<no> from the dialog) so that the slope is not recalculated, and the data is simply plotted. Then the slope information is copied along with the data to the desmearing folder.

The changed behavior is when selecting the "Extrapolate" tab. Now the extrapolation is automatically calculated from the loading parameters (not re-fit) and displayed on the graph. If the extrapolation is good, nothing needs to be done. In fact, since the extrapolation (slope) should be acceptable from the load, the mask, extrapolate, and smooth tabs can all be skipped, proceeding directly to the desmear tab.

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