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CFE-Fraud-Prevention-and-Deterrence資格勉強、CFE-Fraud-Prevention-and-Deterrence赤本勉強 & CFE-Fraud-Prevention-and-Deterrence日本語pdf問題

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CFE-Fraud-Prevention-and-Deterrence資格勉強、CFE-Fraud-Prevention-and-Deterrence赤本勉強 & CFE-Fraud-Prevention-and-Deterrence日本語pdf問題

また、100%の正確率を除いて、認定試験に参加している多くの候補者にCFE-Fraud-Prevention-and-Deterrence試験問題集の内容と利便性を広く提供します、ACFE CFE-Fraud-Prevention-and-Deterrence 資格勉強 大きなプロモーション活動がある場合は、事前にニュースをリリースします、ACFE CFE-Fraud-Prevention-and-Deterrence 資格勉強 あなたのキャリアでいくつかの輝かしい業績を行うことを望まないのですか、あなたがするべきことは、CertJukenのACFEのCFE-Fraud-Prevention-and-Deterrence試験トレーニング資料に受かるのです、ACFE CFE-Fraud-Prevention-and-Deterrence 資格勉強 あなたは上司によって高く評価されます、ACFE CFE-Fraud-Prevention-and-Deterrence 資格勉強 ターゲットがなくてあちこち参考資料を探すのをやめてください。










素晴らしいCFE-Fraud-Prevention-and-Deterrence 資格勉強 & 合格スムーズCFE-Fraud-Prevention-and-Deterrence 赤本勉強 | 真実的なCFE-Fraud-Prevention-and-Deterrence 日本語pdf問題

Certified Fraud Examiner - Fraud Prevention and Deterrence Exam問題集を今すぐダウンロード

質問 20
According to behaviorists such as B. F. Skinner, which of the following scenarios is MOST LIKELY to occur when an undesired behavior is punished?

  • A. The behavior will occur more frequently.
  • B. The behavior will be permanently suppressed
  • C. The behavior will return when punishment ceases
  • D. The behavior will not be affected by the punishment

正解: C


質問 21
The objectives of a fraud risk management program include

  • A. Proactively identifying fraud risks
  • B. Limiting the damage caused by fraud occurrences
  • C. Punishing fraud perpetrators
  • D. All of the above

正解: D


質問 22
Which of the following Is FALSE regarding proactive fraud auditing procedures?

  • A. Fraud audit procedures should be designed to incorporate an element of surprise
  • B. Analytical review of the financial statements is best used to uncover small frauds that might be missed by other detection methods
  • C. Fraud assessment questioning techniques are most appropriately used as part of the normal audit process
  • D. Implementing proactive fraud audit procedures demonstrates management's intention to aggressively look for possible fraudulent conduct

正解: B


質問 23
According to the authors of Crimes of the Middle Classes, all of the following factors have contributed to the rising problem of economic crime EXCEPT:

  • A. The decrease in funds available from government assistance programs
  • B. The continued pressures of a culture that rewards affluence and success
  • C. The economy's increased reliance on credit
  • D. The increased opportunity for wrongdoing as a result of advancing information technologies

正解: D


質問 24
Which of the following is FALSE regarding a background check policy for employees'7

  • A. When verifying past employment, management should only ask previous employers to verify the dates the candidate was employed.
  • B. As part of the screening process, management should contact the references provided by the job candidate
  • C. Where permitted by law. management should run a background check on any existing employee who is being promoted to a position that includes access to sensitive or valuable company resources, even if a background check was run on the individual at the time of hire
  • D. At a minimum, management should conduct a background check on any candidate who will have constant access to cash, checks, and credit card numbers, or other easily stolen items.

正解: A


質問 25

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