Jan 14, 2008:

5:37 PM Changeset [239] by ajj
USANS slit smearing on data load now working. Still a few glitches to work …
4:25 PM Changeset [238] by ajj
Update to USANS slit-smearing on data load.
1:07 PM Ticket #100 (Open question - would it be a good idea to move SASCALC to be a part of ...) closed by srkline
fixed: I decided to answer my own question, and go ahead and include it. The SVN …
1:03 PM Changeset [237] by srkline
Changed Menu and Includes_v500 to include SASCALC, making them one …
12:45 PM Ticket #37 (Correction to fractal model documentation) closed by srkline
fixed: This has been corrected
12:41 PM Ticket #27 (Better Way to Assign and Calculate Transmissions) closed by srkline
fixed: There's at least a different method available in the 5.1 release (due …

Jan 11, 2008:

5:07 PM Changeset [236] by srkline
Changes to Igor functions to convert models to take individual SLD's …
5:05 PM Changeset [235] by srkline
Changes to XOP library functions to convert models to take individual …

Jan 9, 2008:

4:44 PM Ticket #76 (2D functions from DANSE have # of integration points as a fitting ...) closed by srkline
fixed: done, as a "hard" wired 25 points in each Igor function. different numbers …
2:25 PM Ticket #78 (current 2D Cylinder function in SANSAnalysis XOP is incorrect) closed by srkline
fixed: DANSE 2D is in our library now, and the old (incorrect) test model has …
2:24 PM Ticket #44 (Declare all fit functions threadsafe) closed by srkline
fixed: this has been done in our XOP, which now have Mathieu's incorporated.
12:29 PM Ticket #101 (unwanted error message if loading 3-col data) closed by srkline
fixed: done
12:29 PM Changeset [234] by srkline
fixed bug in PlotUtils? (#101) that generated an error message if 3-column …

Jan 8, 2008:

5:18 PM Changeset [233] by srkline
removed thumb color from the sliders to get the native GUI appearance
5:17 PM Changeset [232] by srkline
modified graphs to NOT have annoying tick units in the labels.
5:15 PM Changeset [231] by srkline
EXTENSIVE changes to the XOP. DANSE code has been directly incorporated …
4:59 PM Changeset [230] by srkline
2D model functions now use the new XOPs named in SANSAnalysis.xop, which …

Jan 7, 2008:

11:37 AM Ticket #102 (Using the detector pixel size from the data file, not from a global ...) created by srkline
-- from John's e-mail -- Hi Steve, I thought you may want to start …

Jan 6, 2008:

10:14 PM Ticket #95 (another test ticket) closed by srkline

Jan 3, 2008:

5:02 PM Ticket #101 (unwanted error message if loading 3-col data) created by srkline@…
in PlotUtilsMacro?: A_LoadOneDDataWithName(fileStr,doPlot) the last line …
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