Feb 15, 2008:

2:07 PM Changeset [277] by srkline
Error checking in 2D functions to keep them from being plotted if the XOP …
12:36 PM Changeset [276] by srkline
adding a file "SA_includes_v301.ipf" that points to the v400. May make a …
12:01 PM Changeset [275] by srkline
more changes to the help file
11:40 AM Ticket #94 (Documentation updates) closed by srkline
fixed: I think these changes to the help files are all done
11:21 AM Changeset [274] by srkline
Inital changes to help files. - Model function names that were changed …
10:42 AM Changeset [273] by srkline
Lots of changes to filenames to bring them to "_v40" - the built-in file …

Feb 14, 2008:

2:12 PM Ticket #117 (Help Button (well, and the help file) on the Wrapper Panel) created by srkline
needed before release, since this is entirely new.
1:50 PM Changeset [272] by srkline
Version 6 pragma, remove unwanted Macro declaration
1:47 PM Changeset [271] by srkline
Updated help file for v5.10
12:23 PM Ticket #112 (Merge SASCALC into the reduction package) closed by srkline
fixed: done
12:20 PM Ticket #109 (Igor 6 pragma) closed by srkline
fixed: I think we're done here
12:15 PM Ticket #115 (New template 5.1 for distribution package) closed by srkline
fixed: done
12:15 PM Ticket #116 (Igor 6 pragma for SANS Reduction) closed by srkline
fixed: done
11:52 AM Changeset [270] by srkline
Adjusting names of readme file, which has not yet been updated to v5.1
11:48 AM Changeset [269] by srkline
Copied the UserProcedures? folder to v5.10 from v5.10
11:36 AM Changeset [268] by srkline
In preparation for the release version: Added SASCALC.ipf (copied from …
11:33 AM Changeset [267] by srkline
moving SASCALC.ipf into the SANS Reduction Trunk
11:32 AM Changeset [266] by srkline
Change main entry to Proc rather than Macro to keep it out of the Macros …

Feb 13, 2008:

4:56 PM Changeset [265] by srkline
Major structural changes, hopefully correct, to prepare for v2.21 release …
4:51 PM Changeset [264] by srkline
Changed version from 2.20 to 2.21 for release. Only a few cosmetic changes …
3:03 PM Changeset [263] by ajj
- Renamed files that were longer than 31 characters by replacing …
2:34 PM Changeset [262] by srkline
Changed pragma IgorVersion?=6.0 for release packages
2:30 PM Changeset [261] by srkline
added a new includes file for release v5.10, no changes from v500 yet.
2:28 PM Changeset [260] by srkline
Changed the IgorVersion? pragma to = 6.0. No turning back now.
12:13 PM Ticket #116 (Igor 6 pragma for SANS Reduction) created by srkline
As we decided in previous meetings, all new releases will require Igor 6. …
12:11 PM Ticket #115 (New template 5.1 for distribution package) created by srkline
renumber the includes file renumber the version string
12:09 PM Changeset [259] by srkline
Ticket #105. Changed the ExecuteProtocol? function to always re-load the …
12:05 PM Ticket #105 (Force a re-load of each EMP and BGD file during reduction) closed by srkline
fixed: Actually, just went ahead and made the change. Speed seems to be …
11:10 AM Ticket #114 (Clean up items from Macros Menu) created by srkline
There are a few items on the Macros menu - for cylinder orientation, and …

Feb 12, 2008:

4:37 PM Changeset [258] by srkline
changes to method for fitting slope as data is loaded - added constraints …
3:18 PM Changeset [257] by ajj
- Updated fixed includes to point to _v40 versions - Modified …
2:32 PM Changeset [256] by ajj
Point includes at _v40 files
2:24 PM Changeset [255] by ajj
Remove old models folder
2:23 PM Changeset [254] by ajj
Copy models to new folder
2:14 PM Changeset [253] by ajj
More renaming
2:04 PM Changeset [252] by ajj
Renaming files with _v40 - see trac ticket #108
11:27 AM Changeset [251] by srkline
Changes to beta features for combining files to allow combining of two …
11:06 AM Ticket #113 (Merging of packages and templates for the user interface) created by srkline
The packages will now be distributed all in one "lump", and the features …
11:02 AM Ticket #112 (Merge SASCALC into the reduction package) created by srkline
as it says - SASCALC will cease to be an independent branch. It is logical …
10:04 AM Ticket #111 (Phone home udpater) created by srkline
Need some way for users to find out if they have the current version of …
10:02 AM Ticket #110 (Basic documentation) created by srkline
Need basic documentation done for the use of the new interface. Full …
10:00 AM Ticket #109 (Igor 6 pragma) created by srkline
before distribution, change all files to require Igor 6
10:00 AM Ticket #108 (New version naming of files for back-compatibility) created by srkline
for the first release, name the new files with "_v4.ipf" and keep the old …
9:57 AM Ticket #107 (Installers and Updaters for Macros) created by srkline
For the final release, have the issues of installers worked out for both …

Feb 4, 2008:

3:10 PM Ticket #106 (unrecognized fit coefficients - bug report form Ken Rubinson) closed by srkline
fixed: This is from the version 3 package, where the WM Curve fitting dialog …

Feb 1, 2008:

9:18 AM Ticket #106 (unrecognized fit coefficients - bug report form Ken Rubinson) created by srkline
(From Ken's e-mail, 1/30/08) Steve, Just to let you know: When I used …

Jan 28, 2008:

10:03 AM Changeset [250] by srkline
error catching, menu declaration for page of help movies

Jan 25, 2008:

1:40 PM Ticket #77 (an anonymous bug report) closed by srkline
11:54 AM Ticket #66 (Matrix slit smearing code comparison with Lake matrix code) closed by ajj
fixed: Yes it is. We get the same answer. Ticket closed.
11:50 AM Ticket #41 (Input of limiting slope for USANS matrix) closed by ajj
fixed: This is now in [249]. No writing of slope to the .cor file has been …
11:49 AM Changeset [249] by ajj
Improved cosmetics of USANS data loader popup.

Jan 24, 2008:

12:06 PM Ticket #105 (Force a re-load of each EMP and BGD file during reduction) created by srkline
From Cedric - With an EMP file already loaded, he got the warning that the …

Jan 23, 2008:

5:06 PM Changeset [248] by srkline
When using lenses, the header is expected to have the number of lenses …
12:42 PM Ticket #102 (Using the detector pixel size from the data file, not from a global ...) closed by srkline
fixed: Fixed in changeset 247: Changes made to read the physical detector pixel …
12:42 PM Changeset [247] by srkline
Changes made to read the physical detector pixel size X and Y from the …

Jan 18, 2008:

11:18 AM Ticket #15 (Convert Model Functions to XOPs) closed by srkline
fixed: Andrew now has a working, distributable version of the XOP for windows. …

Jan 16, 2008:

3:23 PM Ticket #72 (Fit result display gets garbled if fit is run more than once) closed by srkline
fixed: the garbling seems to be a windows redisplay issue when the panel is …
3:17 PM Changeset [246] by srkline
Tweaks to the FitWrapper? interface GroupBox?.
10:04 AM CreateSVNReleaseVersion edited by srkline
10:03 AM CreateSVNBranch edited by srkline
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