Mar 20, 2008:

9:40 AM Ticket #125 (Odd behavior of NSORT with repeated preview) created by srkline
I think I saw multiple applications of the scale factor if "preview" is …
9:35 AM Ticket #124 (Qx and Qy from the live cursor readout are incorrrect) closed by srkline
fixed: Fixed - I found this bug before anyone else. All of the q-values were 10x …
9:33 AM Ticket #123 (angstrom display in SASCALC) closed by srkline
fixed: I submitted this bug report - Andrew had noticed it earlier. An easy fix …
9:32 AM Changeset [300] by srkline
Fixed two bugs - (1) the Angstrom string not correctly displaying on …

Mar 19, 2008:

6:18 PM Ticket #124 (Qx and Qy from the live cursor readout are incorrrect) created by anonymous
pixel size is incorrectly passed as 5 mm (from the header), the function …
9:19 AM Ticket #123 (angstrom display in SASCALC) created by anonymous
the Angstrom symbol does not display correctly on Windows. Either switch …

Mar 15, 2008:

4:59 PM Ticket #122 (possible bug and comments on reduction beta) created by butler@…
When using SORT, writing the combined file pops up an error box whose gist …

Mar 10, 2008:

8:55 AM Ticket #121 (Add single model template to the release) created by srkline
forgot to add this to the release, add another folder to the growing …

Mar 6, 2008:

2:32 PM Ticket #120 (test ticket from USANS) closed by srkline
2:32 PM Ticket #120 (test ticket from USANS) created by srkline
only a test
10:13 AM Ticket #118 (wrong transmission?) closed by srkline
fixed: Turns out that the monitor count rate was not constant. In fact, it was …
9:23 AM Changeset [299] by srkline
added feedback button and menu item to the USANS reduction
9:23 AM Changeset [298] by srkline
Fixed typo in broser Added MCR to the File Catalog.
9:21 AM Ticket #119 (problem with web broser) closed by srkline
fixed: No, but they will simply buy out all the little companies working on …

Mar 5, 2008:

1:39 PM Ticket #119 (problem with web broser) created by anonymous
Microsoft has not yet written a broser. M

Mar 4, 2008:

10:36 AM Ticket #118 (wrong transmission?) created by buter@…
Thought I'd test this feature while I'm at it. Nice!!! The actual issue …

Feb 28, 2008:

2:35 PM Changeset [297] by srkline
turn off file checking in the User Procedures folder if …

Feb 22, 2008:

4:46 PM Changeset [296] by srkline
First round of changes to the SANS_Models4 help file, including some …
11:29 AM Ticket #108 (New version naming of files for back-compatibility) closed by srkline
fixed: done, tested as far as I can. wait for specific problems to crop up with …
11:26 AM Ticket #117 (Help Button (well, and the help file) on the Wrapper Panel) closed by srkline
fixed: done
11:25 AM Changeset [295] by srkline
Spell check of help file
11:25 AM Changeset [294] by srkline
Spell check of help file
11:24 AM Changeset [293] by srkline
Spell checking of help files
9:14 AM Changeset [292] by srkline
Changed the behavior of the useCursors checkbox to now automaticaly place …

Feb 21, 2008:

5:15 PM Changeset [291] by srkline
Major changes to the SANS_Analysis Help file Bug fixes in Global fit, the …
5:02 PM SANSAnalysisMacros edited by srkline
updated dates (diff)

Feb 19, 2008:

3:47 PM Changeset [290] by srkline
adding in the changes to the 2D conditional compile
3:45 PM Changeset [289] by srkline
another del/add cylcle for the release
3:45 PM Changeset [288] by srkline
fixing the conditional compile check for 2D XOP functions, which is not …
3:17 PM Changeset [287] by srkline
Adding new version (r285) of the Models_v4
3:16 PM Changeset [286] by srkline
Deleting the old version of the release SANS_Models_v4 This line, and …
2:47 PM Changeset [285] by srkline
Updated version numbers in files (4.0) and corrected a typo in …
2:05 PM Changeset [284] by srkline
Copy of today's version of the macros into a combined release These files …
1:42 PM Changeset [283] by srkline
Adding folder structure to release trunk
1:32 PM Changeset [282] by ajj
Adding release tree
1:10 PM Changeset [281] by srkline
Changing folder names for release
1:08 PM Changeset [280] by srkline
Rename folder of sample data
1:07 PM Changeset [279] by srkline
changing folder names and adding folder for Sample_2D_Data for the release
12:30 PM Changeset [278] by srkline
changed variable name in hsStruct calculation to avoid conflict with new …
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