May 1, 2009:

5:05 PM Ticket #214 (Adding raw data files together in USANS) created by srkline
Paul brought this up again, and I thought there was a ticket... Can we …
4:51 PM Ticket #156 (Include option to save modified dataset in analysis package) closed by srkline
fixed: done in r497 and r498. Added menu item to save data from a data folder in …
4:51 PM Changeset [498] by srkline
When re-writing a data folder, USANS data is written with the last 3 …
4:33 PM Changeset [497] by srkline
Added feature to re-save 1-d data from its data folder, presumably after …
2:29 PM Changeset [496] by srkline
Two changes: (1) Changed the behavior of DIV file creation. Now a panel is …

Apr 29, 2009:

2:31 PM Ticket #160 (include genetic optimization as an option for curve fitting) closed by srkline
fixed: Added a procedure file that does the necessary wrapping for GenCurveFit?, …
2:31 PM Changeset [495] by srkline
Added a procedure file that does the necessary wrapping for GenCurveFit?, …
2:19 PM Ticket #177 (Resw different length from data) closed by srkline
fixed: closing, since it can't be reproduced.
2:18 PM Ticket #179 (Fit result appearing on graph rather than in Analysis control panel) closed by srkline
fixed: I think I have previously fixed this by specifying the window with a /W …
10:10 AM Ticket #138 (easier patching) closed by srkline
fixed: done in r494

Apr 21, 2009:

5:34 PM Ticket #212 (Selecting Configurations to patch) closed by srkline
fixed: done in r494. see comments there. can filter on SDD, simple text search …
5:33 PM Changeset [494] by srkline
Changes to how Patch interprets the match string. 3 cases now: (1) - …

Apr 17, 2009:

5:23 PM Changeset [493] by ajj
VC8 stuff

Apr 15, 2009:

9:37 AM Changeset [492] by srkline
Fixed typo in Package Loader added NVAR/Z to RT initialization Changed …

Apr 14, 2009:

8:06 PM Changeset [491] by ajj
Adding functions to patch broken run.defdir field required for correct …
3:31 PM Changeset [490] by srkline
minor changes and comments

Apr 10, 2009:

8:45 PM Changeset [489] by ajj
Fixes to realtime display
8:44 PM Changeset [488] by ajj
changes - look at the diffs

Apr 7, 2009:

3:06 PM Changeset [487] by ajj
Update to add option to load live data in TotalTemplate?.pxt
3:03 PM Changeset [486] by ajj
Changes to make RealTime? update work with new location for live data
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