Aug 21, 2009:

12:07 PM Changeset [550] by srkline
sample aperture popup now properly updates the displayed empty cell data
11:47 AM Changeset [549] by srkline
modified the UCALC panel to have the control bar on the left, so that it …

Aug 18, 2009:

7:52 PM Ticket #226 (Data loader mis-recognizes ASCII reduced data as xml) closed by ajj
fixed: Fix in r548.
7:51 PM Changeset [548] by ajj
Fixing bug #226 : problem with mis-identification of ascii reduced files …
7:48 PM Ticket #226 (Data loader mis-recognizes ASCII reduced data as xml) created by ajj
The isXML function is simply checking for the string "xml" in the first …

Aug 13, 2009:

10:37 AM Changeset [547] by srkline
more changes to UCALC, display vs. countrate and add a display of …

Aug 10, 2009:

3:40 PM Changeset [546] by srkline
corrections to U_CALC and additions to the USANS_Includes so that it will …

Aug 7, 2009:

2:00 PM Changeset [545] by srkline
(1) changed the "guessing" of transmission files to be tolerant (within …

Aug 3, 2009:

6:22 PM Changeset [544] by srkline
Lots of changes to add the first version of a USANS simulator, like …

Jul 29, 2009:

10:48 AM Ticket #225 (Consolidate FunctionPopList) created by srkline
the FunctionPopList? show up several places - in the wrapper panel and in …
10:45 AM Ticket #224 (SASCALC documentation) created by srkline
-docs need to be written -help button on panel - full details of how the …
7:08 AM Ticket #223 (semicolon instead of comma in sample field of .ABS files) created by anonymous
At the moment, in the "SAM: " field of the header of the .ABS files, the …

Jul 24, 2009:

5:48 PM Changeset [543] by ajj
Fixing greyed out display of values in Live Data

Jul 23, 2009:

6:25 PM Changeset [542] by srkline
added documentation for Simple Global Fit some other odd fixes of minor …

Jul 22, 2009:

5:43 PM Changeset [541] by srkline
(1) changes to ProDiv? to get the linear scaling correct with the new …
5:07 PM Ticket #184 (T_Wide calculation oddities) closed by srkline
fixed: hopefully cleared up with normalization to monitor counts done in r540
5:06 PM Ticket #181 (T_wide used in calculations) closed by srkline
fixed: now normalized to the monitor counts. Also, when data > 2 degrees is not …
5:04 PM Changeset [540] by srkline
Changed T-Wide calculation to be normalized to the monitor counts, …
4:07 PM Changeset [539] by srkline
Added update of the 1D display to the background task
4:06 PM Ticket #217 (Live data display features) closed by srkline
fixed: Now done through the background task, checking for the plot_1d window …
3:35 PM Changeset [538] by srkline
Changes to model docs and reduction docs
3:32 PM Ticket #195 (Making Sensitivity file in Igor) closed by srkline
fixed: documentation added in version 5.2 of reduction help file (r538)
10:03 AM Changeset [537] by srkline
July 22 version of Jae-Hie's changes to the HFIR reader
10:03 AM Changeset [536] by srkline
July 22 version of Jae-Hie's changes to the HFIR reader
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