Oct 12, 2009:

3:35 PM Ticket #238 (Fix Subtract_1D to use common loader/writers) created by ajj
Subtract_1D was written separately from the other code and was merged in. …
3:32 PM Ticket #237 (Fix NSORT to deal with XML data) created by ajj
NSORT uses its own functions for reading and writing data. The reason for …

Oct 9, 2009:

12:55 PM Changeset [569] by srkline
Many changes to USANS to allow adding of raw bt5 files. Two sets can be …
12:52 PM Changeset [568] by srkline
Corrected the setting of limits for all parameters when setting up genetic …

Oct 8, 2009:

5:05 PM Changeset [567] by srkline
New version of USANS help
5:04 PM Changeset [566] by srkline
Corrected number of quadrature points in 20-pt smearing

Oct 5, 2009:

11:00 AM Ticket #198 (Adding USANS to SASCalc) closed by srkline
fixed: Done. Additional features of plotting SANS and USANS simulations together …
10:37 AM Ticket #236 (XOP version of MonteCarlo) created by srkline
Monte Carlo XOP needs: Add to SVN Port to Windows currently can use only …
10:34 AM Ticket #22 (experimental planning tools) closed by srkline
fixed: done. XOP to SVN and Windows port has been opened in a new ticket
10:32 AM Ticket #224 (SASCALC documentation) closed by srkline
fixed: done. video documentation listed in a separate ticket
10:30 AM Ticket #193 (Complex constraints during fitting) closed by srkline
fixed: Help file has been updated to show how these constraints can be entered …
10:27 AM Ticket #235 (Video documentation) created by srkline
(from #162 and others) Video documentation for: Simple Global Fit …
10:24 AM Ticket #162 (Quick setup for Global fit for USANS + SANS) closed by srkline
fixed: It's done, still room for some feedback if it could be made easier. …

Oct 1, 2009:

1:25 PM Changeset [565] by srkline
Fixed a bug in Patch files that (under certain circumstances) incorrectly …
11:57 AM Ticket #227 (square well - bad behavior) closed by srkline
10:15 AM Changeset [564] by srkline
A variety of changes... - fixed model strings for Sum_Model - /Z flag for …

Sep 30, 2009:

3:15 PM Changeset [563] by ajj
Updating XML reader to match output of non-xml loader. Now creates sq,qb …
2:56 PM Changeset [562] by ajj
Updating Subtract 1D to handle 4 and 3 column data as well as standard …
2:56 PM Ticket #234 (Handle non-6 column data in Subtract-1D) closed by ajj
fixed: (In [562]) Updating Subtract 1D to handle 4 and 3 column data as well as …
2:53 PM Ticket #234 (Handle non-6 column data in Subtract-1D) created by ajj
Request from Hanna Wacklin @ ILL to handle 4 column data.
12:59 PM Changeset [561] by srkline
fixed two bugs in mask reading where the 128x128=16384 data length was …

Sep 25, 2009:

5:08 PM Changeset [560] by ajj
Small change. Also testing post-commit hooks. see #228
4:55 PM Changeset [559] by ajj
Adding notes about functions that need Q=0. see #228

Sep 23, 2009:

12:56 PM Changeset [558] by srkline
Added UCALC window to list of windows is package loader Box Sum (from the …

Sep 18, 2009:

11:00 AM Ticket #233 (Handle QRS type waves) created by ajj
To play nice with Jan's code (and possibly Ken's) we should be able to …
10:58 AM Ticket #232 (Find data sets through recursion) created by ajj
To work with IGOR experiments from Jan Ilavsky we should recurse through …
10:57 AM Ticket #231 (Function & IPF namespace) created by ajj
In order to play nice with the other IGOR SAS folks we should really …
10:55 AM Ticket #230 (Volume functions in XOP) created by ajj
Add volume calculation functions to XOP.

Sep 16, 2009:

3:51 PM Changeset [557] by srkline
Added function to the SANSBeta menu for reduction to be able to re-write …

Sep 15, 2009:

5:25 PM Changeset [556] by srkline
Moved the NIST-specific XML writer to NIST_XML.ipf file, also so that it …

Sep 14, 2009:

11:59 AM Changeset [555] by ajj
- Code for output of canSAS XML files for AVE and ABS generated via …
10:57 AM Ticket #229 (Speed up of catalog with large number of datasets) created by ajj
Find some means of improving the speed of the catalog when there are a …
10:54 AM Ticket #228 (Q=0 handling in XOP functions) created by ajj
Check all XOP functions for handling of Q=0. Add handling to those that …
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