Dec 9, 2009:

2:25 PM Ticket #242 (Fixes needed for Data Arithmetic Panel) closed by srkline
fixed: help file added in r613
2:24 PM Changeset [613] by srkline
Added basic help for "Data Set Arithmetic"
2:23 PM Changeset [612] by srkline
Switched menu item to call the new DA panel rather than the old …

Dec 8, 2009:

6:52 PM Ticket #242 (Fixes needed for Data Arithmetic Panel) reopened by srkline
6:40 PM Ticket #238 (Fix Subtract_1D to use common loader/writers) closed by srkline
fixed: ajj - has replaced Subtract_1D with a Data Arithmetic Panel that has many …
6:39 PM Ticket #218 (Be sure that the new filters on the Patch panel are facility independent) closed by srkline
fixed: I have no Idea of how to properly test this. The text "grep" should be …
6:37 PM Ticket #33 (2D error matrix) closed by srkline
wontfix: I don't see where this is necessary. If the data is not averaged to I(Q), …
6:21 PM Ticket #214 (Adding raw data files together in USANS) closed by srkline
fixed: documentation added in r611.
6:18 PM Changeset [611] by srkline
Added USANS help for adding files. Ticket #214

Dec 7, 2009:

10:30 PM Changeset [610] by srkline
Changes for the Arithmetic panel - added to the analysis package menu - …
10:08 PM Ticket #242 (Fixes needed for Data Arithmetic Panel) closed by srkline
fixed: - done button closes panel and graph - calculate now does not replot all …

Dec 4, 2009:

8:00 PM Ticket #244 (Need to add table of suggested incoherent cross section for simulations) created by srkline
In the help file (and maybe an extra help button on the panel) - provide …
7:57 PM Ticket #243 (Multithread keyword slows down USANS simulation) created by srkline
Using the MultiThread? keyword instantly threads all of the AAO function …

Dec 3, 2009:

7:18 PM Changeset [609] by srkline
Data Handling: now puts cursors on data1 isf nullSolvent is selected, and …
6:55 PM Ticket #242 (Fixes needed for Data Arithmetic Panel) created by srkline
To do (or not): - help button (and documentation, obviously) - "done" …
3:59 AM Changeset [608] by ajj
- Bug fixes in Data Arithmetic Panel - Correctly overwrites result data …

Dec 1, 2009:

10:02 PM Changeset [607] by ajj
- Write out data file as XML - Fix XML input - Finished Data Arithmetic …

Nov 27, 2009:

3:05 PM Changeset [606] by ajj
Bug fix reported by Lionel Porcar. 4 Column data was not creating the …

Nov 25, 2009:

2:40 PM Changeset [605] by srkline
USANS: - added warning for mutliple scattering to the panel (red if …
4:00 AM Changeset [604] by ajj
-Separated panels for arithmetic and data management -Added functionality …

Nov 24, 2009:

4:00 AM Changeset [603] by ajj
Start of a data management panel. Functions are defined but need guts …

Nov 23, 2009:

11:18 PM Changeset [602] by ajj
Adding the start of dataset handling. Currently you can rename or …
10:14 PM Changeset [601] by ajj
- Added global variable and preference to set output format as XML
9:52 PM Changeset [600] by ajj
OK. I blame my cold. Removing incorrect file. There was a reason I hadn't …
9:27 PM Changeset [599] by ajj
Functions to handle writing out to canSAS 1D XML standard.
9:19 PM Ticket #241 (Build XOP for Windows) created by ajj
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