13:51 Ticket #263 (update wiki for 2010 release) created by srkline
lots to add to the wiki: -new text on the main page - XML documentation …
13:33 Ticket #262 (Common canSASXML.ipf) closed by srkline
fixed: done in r658. I think I caught all places that tried to include the _v11 …
13:32 Changeset [658] by srkline
For compatibility with Jan Ilavsky's procedures, change our canSASXML.ipf …
12:59 Ticket #262 (Common canSASXML.ipf) created by srkline
Jan's packages also load in the canSASXML.ipf that was written by Pete …
12:56 Ticket #51 (AutoFit a selected set of files) reopened by srkline
Something worthwhile for a future version. any series of data could …
12:51 Ticket #261 (Core + n-shells for a cylinder) created by srkline
Noticed that a number of people at the SAXS course could have used this - …
12:49 Ticket #260 (Simple simulator for proteins) created by srkline
For proteins, they are not necessarily a "sphere", but the user may know a …
12:44 Ticket #259 (Compatibility with Jan's data folder structure) created by srkline
Need a way to: (1) find Jan's data folders - not on the same level as …
12:40 Ticket #258 (Remove Jan's functions from our popup) created by srkline
in the analysis package - the function popup list is cluttered with Jan's …
12:39 Ticket #257 (Documentation -- Change the installer to put NCNR_Package_Loader in Igor ...) created by srkline
If we put this in Igor Procedures, it will always be in the Macros menu, …


18:42 Changeset [657] by ajj
some changes


14:54 Changeset [656] by ajj
Update to CatVSTable to show sample position, TISANE to fix a couple of …
14:41 Ticket #256 (Filenames and Version strings) created by ajj
Make sure that all filenames and version strings represent our chosen …
14:37 Ticket #241 (Build XOP for Windows) closed by ajj
fixed: XOP for SANSAnalysis built on sansvm2.campus.nist.gov


20:56 Changeset [655] by ajj
Some fake data and twiddles with scales
19:12 Changeset [654] by ajj
Fixes to handle errorbars
17:02 Changeset [653] by ajj
Various fixes. Remove some debug output, display motor value on click.


15:40 Changeset [652] by srkline
More updates to the help files. Resized the Tile_2D panel to take the new …


15:49 Changeset [651] by srkline
Updated the path to check the installed version.


17:31 Changeset [650] by srkline
updating the experiment templates to be sure that the newest version of …
16:32 Ticket #254 (SANS Beta menu) closed by srkline
fixed: The SANSBetaTools menu has been deactivated. All of the beta operations …
16:31 Ticket #255 (beta tools - help file) closed by srkline
fixed: The beta tools help file has been deleted. All of the beta operations have …
16:16 Changeset [649] by srkline
Deleted the SANSBeta help file as all operations have been moved to the …
16:10 Changeset [648] by srkline
Changes to move the "Do Combine Files" to a separate panel that is …
15:59 Changeset [647] by srkline
(1) fixed file numbering scheme in HFIR_Utils to generate 4-digit number …


17:08 Changeset [646] by srkline
Moving SANS beta items to the proper panels. - Add all to Layout was …


17:24 Changeset [645] by srkline
more tweaks of the installer and packages
11:55 Changeset [644] by srkline
Tweaks for the installer.


15:41 Changeset [643] by srkline
New version of the installer for testing
15:33 Ticket #255 (beta tools - help file) created by srkline
update the beta tools help file be sure to remove the old one during the …
15:19 Ticket #254 (SANS Beta menu) created by srkline
Decide what stays and what goes on the menu. Simply comment out the lines …
15:18 Ticket #253 (deadtime patch or data header) created by srkline
before the release... do we have proper numbers for the dead time at each …


12:56 Ticket #252 (speedup of the HFIR reader) created by srkline
It works, but it's dog-slow. Load/display is slow (2.1s) depending on …
12:52 Ticket #251 (check if DIV function) created by srkline
in the future - add a CheckIfDIVData() function to the NCNR macros. It's …
10:09 Changeset [642] by srkline
Reset the default dead time of the HFIR to zero - need a proper value for …


17:50 Changeset [641] by srkline
A variety of changes to get some of the basic reduction functions working …


16:04 Changeset [640] by ajj
Add fuzzy spheres to windows xop (rc file)


17:00 Changeset [639] by srkline
Corrections to the documentation for the invariant, no real changes to the …
16:16 Changeset [638] by ajj
Remove build files from Monte Carlo
14:00 Changeset [637] by ajj
and the folders…
13:59 Changeset [636] by ajj
Removing build files from repository.


09:10 Changeset [635] by srkline
Added reference to one of Boualem's models.
09:08 Changeset [634] by srkline
Fixed a few more models to return proper numerical values for I(q=0). All …
09:05 Changeset [633] by srkline
Corrected models to explicitly return proper values for I(q=0). There are …
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