12:48 Ticket #263 (update wiki for 2010 release) closed by srkline
fixed: multiple links to the canSAS XML page have been added.
12:48 SANSAnalysisMacros edited by srkline
12:47 USANSReductionMacros edited by srkline
12:47 SANSReductionMacros edited by srkline
12:45 WikiStart edited by srkline
09:28 Milestone Release 7.0 Maintenance completed
Bugs and enhancements to the 7.0 release series === Active Tickets === …


13:53 Changeset [703] by ajj
Addition of counting time to 2D ascii output (for K Krycka polarization …


13:53 Changeset [702] by srkline
changing the version number after two minor bug fixes.
11:11 SANSTools edited by srkline
11:08 SANSAnalysisMacros edited by srkline
11:07 SANSAnalysisMacros edited by srkline
11:05 USANSReductionMacros edited by srkline
10:47 SANSReductionMacros edited by srkline
10:43 WikiStart edited by srkline


11:11 Changeset [701] by ajj
Port DATE/TIME STAMP Fix from old version to new for polarization …
11:04 Ticket #277 (NSORT panel) closed by srkline
fixed: the bug was in the display only - the combined set12 was rescaled (and …
11:02 Changeset [700] by srkline
fixed display bug in NSORT where normalizing to the 3rd (high Q) data file …


16:11 Ticket #277 (NSORT panel) created by ahamilL@…
you cannot normalize by the High Q data manually or with autoscale


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15:10 Milestone USANS Reduction Wish List completed
Possible additions to USANS Reduction === Active Tickets === …
15:10 Milestone Analysis Wish List completed
Possible future components for analysis === Active Tickets === …
15:10 Milestone SANS Reduction Wish List completed
Possible additions to SANS Reduction software === Active Tickets === …
10:19 Changeset [699] by srkline
typos in HFIR_Utils, and integer format on RunNumber? (8-digit) for HFIR …
09:23 Changeset [698] by srkline
typo - missed COR from the folder list.
09:16 Changeset [697] by srkline
removing work folder names from the popup list of data folders when an old …
08:59 Ticket #276 (save button from average panel misses XML) closed by srkline
fixed: fixed in r696
08:58 Changeset [696] by srkline
The pink average panel now saves in XML as set by preferences.
00:22 Ticket #28 (Quicker Multiple Reduction) closed by srkline
fixed: done in the package 7.0 release
00:20 Ticket #171 (Data set management tool) closed by srkline
duplicate: this is #267 and is nearly complete. close this one
00:17 Ticket #265 (Point old Includes to the new Includes) closed by srkline
fixed: now 500 includes 510, and 510 includes 520. This way I can identify old …
00:05 Ticket #276 (save button from average panel misses XML) created by srk
default is set to XML, output is 6-column
00:00 Ticket #275 (get rid of the "A_" procedures) created by srk
PlotUtilsMacro? has become a "utility" and a lot of the "A_" prefixed …


23:58 Ticket #274 (Document the contents of the "utility" procedures) created by srk
plotutils, gaussutils, + others have a lot of utility functions. Make a …
23:55 Ticket #273 (2d export formats do not enforce short names) created by srk
need some sort of intervention, a real pain if batch exporting
17:11 Changeset [695] by srkline
fix bug in initialization of SANS reduction - identifiying old macros.
16:58 Changeset [694] by srkline
pointing old SANS Reduction includes to the new versions. the sets of …
14:25 Changeset [693] by srkline
Corrected the identification of HFIR trans files Added new includes for …
12:49 Changeset [692] by srkline
Adding Jae-Hie's changes to HFIR_Utils from 4/15 email.
00:00 Milestone Analysis 4.1 Release completed
Next Major Release of Package === Active Tickets === …
00:00 Milestone SANS Reduction 5.2 Release completed
Next Major Release of Package === Active Tickets === …
00:00 Milestone USANS Reduction 2.3 Release completed
Next Major Release of Package === Active Tickets === …


11:14 Changeset [691] by srkline
Now the new help links for FuzzySpheres? and CSParallelepiped actually …
10:53 Changeset [690] by srkline
Added model documentation for FuzzySpheres? and CSParallelpiped Added axis …


12:47 Ticket #257 (Documentation -- Change the installer to put NCNR_Package_Loader in Igor ...) closed by srkline
fixed: done
12:47 Ticket #219 (Documentation - New installer for release that uses Igor 6.1) closed by srkline
fixed: done
10:13 Changeset [689] by srkline
Fixed some typos in help files. Fixed some incorrect logic in conditional …
10:11 Ticket #271 (Other facility templates - check function) closed by srkline
fixed: they all seem to work now, but I have no ANSTO data to really test …
09:49 Ticket #236 (XOP version of MonteCarlo) closed by srkline
fixed: as far as I can tell, it all works now.
09:27 Ticket #256 (Filenames and Version strings) closed by srkline
fixed: Package is now 7.00, and we'll work up from there. Old version numbers are …


17:05 Changeset [688] by srkline
typo in CSParallelepipedX resource definition (Win only)
13:36 Changeset [687] by srkline
In this revision of the help files, the instructions to install from the …
13:15 Ticket #268 (Documentation -- New Preference panel common to all packages) closed by srkline
fixed: documentation done, r686
13:15 Changeset [686] by srkline
Updated the help files to describe the new preferences panel Added some …
12:37 Changeset [685] by srkline
new version of the install instructions new version of the …
11:19 Changeset [684] by srkline
Fixed bug in CatVSTable for HIFR read. Updated all of the includes to …
11:03 Changeset [683] by srkline
Updated version of HFIR_DataReadWrite.ipf from Jae Hie. Updated the …
10:46 Ticket #245 (Back-Compatibility Testing) closed by srkline
wontfix: Should (mostly) be compatible. But since we have no real control over what …
09:26 Changeset [682] by srkline
fixed the P*S combinations in Fuzzy Spheres.


18:37 Changeset [681] by ajj
Initial work on Batch Conversion Panel Additional work on DataSet? Handling …
16:36 Ticket #272 (Move next/prev file function to FACILITY_Utils) closed by ajj
fixed: See changeset [680]
16:30 Changeset [680] by ajj
- Move determination of next/prev RAW filename to Facility functions …
16:29 Changeset [679] by srkline
added Simulation help file to the list of those that are to be killed …
15:43 Changeset [678] by srkline
Fixed FuzzySphere?.c to inclde the Lorentzian term, to match the Igor code.
14:12 Changeset [677] by srkline
I think this resolved my conflicts…
14:05 Changeset [676] by srkline
adding windows resources
14:05 Changeset [675] by srkline
adding windows resources
14:01 Changeset [674] by srkline
change round() to (long)(x+0.5) since round is not supported, and I really …
13:46 Changeset [673] by srkline
Changing the round() call to properly return (long) and be compatibile …
08:30 Changeset [672] by srkline
Adding SANSMonteCarlo.xop to the installer list. New verison of the …


14:17 Changeset [671] by srkline
removing the beta menu declaration from the other facility include files.
13:31 Ticket #264 (Use XML as the default?) closed by srkline
fixed: I think everything functions with ".ABSx" as an extension, in the few …
13:28 Changeset [670] by srkline
Corrections to NSORT and CombineFiles? to work with XML i/o. CombineFiles?
12:19 Ticket #272 (Move next/prev file function to FACILITY_Utils) created by ajj
To solve problem with missing files (ICE) and the HFIR filenumbering …


13:14 Ticket #219 (Documentation - New installer for release that uses Igor 6.1) reopened by srkline
make a video of the install process, put the link front and center on the …
13:13 Ticket #271 (Other facility templates - check function) created by srkline
with the new loader in the Igor Procedures, and all of the other changes, …
13:02 Ticket #269 (XML output from USANS fails) closed by srkline
fixed: fixed in r669
13:02 Changeset [669] by srkline
Fixed the issue with USANS XML data not being written correctly. the …
12:42 Ticket #270 (In desmearing, add option for manual slope input) created by srkline
Duplicate what is done in the loader for manual input. some data just …
11:06 Ticket #266 (change the installer to copy files/xop/etc rather than move) closed by srkline
fixed: done, and seems to work well. Now the installer can be re-run multiple …
11:00 Changeset [668] by srkline
Made the preference panel fancier, with a tab control. this makes it much …
09:49 Ticket #269 (XML output from USANS fails) created by srkline
XML write fails when trying to save COR, SAM, etc. nf structure fills out …
09:44 Ticket #268 (Documentation -- New Preference panel common to all packages) created by srkline
change the preference panel to be a common one. Necessary for XML …
09:41 Ticket #267 (Data set management panel) created by srkline
add a data set management panel. At a minimum, it needs to be able to …


17:33 Changeset [667] by srkline
USANS dialogs now prompt with "x" added to the suffix when saving. These …
17:21 Changeset [666] by ajj
Function for Data Management panel fleshed out. Mostly seems to work, …
16:56 Changeset [665] by srkline
Made preferences a common panel (moved to PlotUtilsMacro?.ipf and globals …
15:01 Changeset [664] by ajj
* Remove name length checking from XML loading function - now handled by …
14:32 Changeset [663] by srkline
More fixes for the installer to properly copy the files in, and date stamp …
11:15 Changeset [662] by srkline
Modified installer to copy folders, rather than move them. This allows the …
10:06 Ticket #266 (change the installer to copy files/xop/etc rather than move) created by srkline
currently, if the installer is run once, the files are moved to the …


16:29 Changeset [661] by srkline
Added routines to enforce short enough names to keep the Igor-generated …
16:21 Ticket #258 (Remove Jan's functions from our popup) closed by srkline
fixed: I think I've got them all. More can be added to the list if needed.
10:47 Ticket #265 (Point old Includes to the new Includes) created by srkline
Is it safe to change the old includes_v510 to simply point to the new one? …
10:45 Ticket #264 (Use XML as the default?) created by srkline
Do we use XML as the default output from the Reduction packages? How is …
10:42 Ticket #219 (Documentation - New installer for release that uses Igor 6.1) closed by srkline
fixed: Random dialogs that pop up during installation are typically a file write …
10:30 Changeset [660] by srkline
Changes to the installer: Templates are obsolete now. Packages are all …
09:32 Changeset [659] by srkline
Moved the NCNR_Package_Loader to a new NCNR_Igor_Procedures folder in the …


13:51 Ticket #263 (update wiki for 2010 release) created by srkline
lots to add to the wiki: -new text on the main page - XML documentation …
13:33 Ticket #262 (Common canSASXML.ipf) closed by srkline
fixed: done in r658. I think I caught all places that tried to include the _v11 …
13:32 Changeset [658] by srkline
For compatibility with Jan Ilavsky's procedures, change our canSASXML.ipf …
12:59 Ticket #262 (Common canSASXML.ipf) created by srkline
Jan's packages also load in the canSASXML.ipf that was written by Pete …
12:56 Ticket #51 (AutoFit a selected set of files) reopened by srkline
Something worthwhile for a future version. any series of data could …
12:51 Ticket #261 (Core + n-shells for a cylinder) created by srkline
Noticed that a number of people at the SAXS course could have used this - …
12:49 Ticket #260 (Simple simulator for proteins) created by srkline
For proteins, they are not necessarily a "sphere", but the user may know a …
12:44 Ticket #259 (Compatibility with Jan's data folder structure) created by srkline
Need a way to: (1) find Jan's data folders - not on the same level as …
12:40 Ticket #258 (Remove Jan's functions from our popup) created by srkline
in the analysis package - the function popup list is cluttered with Jan's …
12:39 Ticket #257 (Documentation -- Change the installer to put NCNR_Package_Loader in Igor ...) created by srkline
If we put this in Igor Procedures, it will always be in the Macros menu, …


18:42 Changeset [657] by ajj
some changes


14:54 Changeset [656] by ajj
Update to CatVSTable to show sample position, TISANE to fix a couple of …
14:41 Ticket #256 (Filenames and Version strings) created by ajj
Make sure that all filenames and version strings represent our chosen …
14:37 Ticket #241 (Build XOP for Windows) closed by ajj
fixed: XOP for SANSAnalysis built on sansvm2.campus.nist.gov


20:56 Changeset [655] by ajj
Some fake data and twiddles with scales
19:12 Changeset [654] by ajj
Fixes to handle errorbars
17:02 Changeset [653] by ajj
Various fixes. Remove some debug output, display motor value on click.
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