Jul 23, 2010:

2:18 PM Changeset [728] by srkline
Fixed typo in the parameter description in CoreShellCylinder? W_Sigma is …

Jul 13, 2010:

1:56 PM Changeset [727] by srkline
Updated the single model template to not look for the (missing) 2007 dated …

Jul 12, 2010:

1:53 PM Changeset [726] by ajj
ANSTO related fix (wrong path to data)

Jul 7, 2010:

11:40 AM Ticket #297 (Mistake in lamellarPS and lamellarPS_HG, mistake in the PDF) created by m.muthig@…
There is a mistake in lamellarPS and lamellarPS_HG in the calculation of …
10:02 AM NCNROutput1D_2DQxQy edited by srkline
1:43 AM Changeset [725] by ajj
Work to add auto grouping to bt5plot

Jul 6, 2010:

11:13 PM Changeset [724] by ajj
Some tidying
10:54 PM Changeset [723] by ajj
Start of bt5plot "refactor" :)
5:41 PM Changeset [722] by ajj
Tagging bt5plot 2.0 release
5:39 PM Changeset [721] by ajj
Rename contents to bt5plot
5:37 PM Changeset [720] by ajj
Rename bt5plot2 as bt5plot
5:36 PM Changeset [719] by ajj
Removing old bt5plot
5:31 PM Changeset [718] by ajj
Tagging 7.03 Release
5:29 PM Changeset [717] by ajj
Copy of Dev trunk rev 703 to Release trunk
5:26 PM Changeset [716] by ajj
Delete current release branch to be replaced by appropriate dev branch
5:17 PM Changeset [715] by ajj
Various ANSTO related fixes.
5:16 PM Changeset [714] by ajj
Fixing Fractal_PolyCore to use correct radius in S(q)
5:15 PM Changeset [713] by ajj
Tweaks to FuzzySphere? model
1:41 PM Changeset [712] by ajj
Adding Raspberry (pickering emulsion type object) scattering model from: …

Jul 1, 2010:

12:18 PM Changeset [711] by srkline
Added wavelength distribution as part of the simulation Fixed bug where …
12:11 PM Ticket #288 (Initial guess for Guinier in Invariant is often poor) closed by srkline
fixed: fixed in r710 by using the average value of the fitted points as the input …
12:10 PM Changeset [710] by srkline
Added /Z flag to suppress errors when checking status of XML files …
9:09 AM Ticket #287 (NCNR Analysis Macro does not allow "Background" as a free fitting ...) closed by srkline
invalid: This is not an issue with the program - but a symptom of something wrong …
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