Jun 27, 2014:

8:00 AM Changeset [944] by srkline
Updated simulation help file, adding that the real-space modeling can be …
7:56 AM SILIC009.ASC attached to NCNROutput2D_pixel by srkline
Example RAW ASCII 2D export file
7:55 AM NCNROutput1D_2DQxQy edited by srkline
7:52 AM SILIC009.AVE attached to NCNROutput1D_Iphi by srkline
Example reduced I(phi) data file
7:52 AM SILIC009.ABS attached to NCNROutput1D_IQ by srkline
Example reduced SANS data file
7:51 AM latss_cor.dsm attached to NCNROutput1D_USANS_Desmeared by srkline
Example desmeared USANS data file
7:51 AM NCNROutput1D_USANS_Desmeared edited by srkline
7:50 AM latss.cor attached to NCNROutput1D_USANS by srkline
Example reduced USANS data
7:49 AM NCNROutput1D_USANS edited by srkline
7:47 AM CodeDocs edited by srkline
7:46 AM CodeDocs edited by srkline
7:43 AM CodeDocs edited by srkline
7:42 AM CodeDocs edited by srkline
7:41 AM SILIC009.GSP attached to NCNROutput2D_Grasp by srkline
Example 2D Output for GRASP
7:40 AM NCNROutput2D_Grasp edited by srkline
7:39 AM NCNROutput2D_pixel edited by srkline
7:38 AM NCNROutput1D_2DQxQy edited by srkline

Jun 26, 2014:

2:33 PM CodeDocs edited by srkline
2:32 PM NCNROutput1D_USANS_Desmeared edited by srkline
2:29 PM NCNROutput1D_USANS edited by srkline
2:25 PM NCNROutput1D_USANS_Desmeared created by srkline
2:25 PM NCNROutput1D_USANS created by srkline
1:40 PM CodeDocs edited by srkline

Jun 25, 2014:

6:58 AM Changeset [943] by srkline
Added method to RealSpace? modeling to allow drawing a single cylidner with …

Jun 20, 2014:

11:44 AM Changeset [942] by srkline
Some cleanup of the FFT routines to be more exact in declaring mat …

Jun 16, 2014:

4:14 PM Ticket #440 (Suggestions for Event mode processing) created by srkline
(from Paul Butler) (1) "Display Total" -- is this button working …

Jun 4, 2014:

4:01 PM Changeset [941] by srkline
Moved rescaling panel from Wrapper.ipf to PlotUtils?.ipf, a more natural …
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