Dec 4, 2015:

3:51 PM Changeset [972] by srkline
more additions to the basic infrastructure for VSANS

Dec 2, 2015:

1:24 PM Changeset [971] by srkline
Filling in missing "dummy" functions when XML xop is not present. Added …

Nov 30, 2015:

2:28 PM Ticket #480 (Event mode- on-the-fly binning of chunked data) created by srkline
If a data file is too large to load, it must be chunked. Currently, the …
2:22 PM Ticket #479 (Event mode - documentation of decimation) created by srkline
Update the documentation for decimation. It is currently very sparse and …
2:21 PM Ticket #478 (Event mode - search for step with cursors) created by srkline
When searching - would it be possible, or advantageous to start the search …
2:18 PM Ticket #477 (Event mode- make a movie out of the slices) created by srkline
Make a simple movie, stepping through the slices. Could annotate the image …

Nov 17, 2015:

2:16 PM Ticket #454 ("V_write" functions for patching data files) closed by srkline
fixed: done
2:15 PM Ticket #452 (test function to verify "get" with detector string) closed by srkline
11:44 AM Ticket #476 (Angstrom code has changed?) created by srkline
In Igor 7, whatever encoding is being used - the Angstrom symbol does not …
11:42 AM Ticket #475 (FuncFit flag to force update during fits) created by srkline
Igor 7 defaults to not show the progress during a fit. I'd like to see …
11:39 AM Ticket #474 (Graphics in RealSpaceModeling help file) created by srkline
some of the graphics in the help file are showing up as gray boxes, rather …

Nov 16, 2015:

4:18 PM Changeset [970] by srkline
more additions and corrections to the V_get and V_write functions …
12:35 PM Ticket #460 (add field for "saved monitor count") closed by srkline
fixed: there is already a "saved_count" field in the monitor block, so this …
12:26 PM Ticket #472 (make data file fields nexus compliant names) closed by srkline
fixed: done
12:26 PM Ticket #458 (add field for trans association) closed by srkline
fixed: done
12:23 PM Ticket #462 (Nexus-zip format - investigate) closed by srkline
fixed: Possibly useful, but potentially a mess when folks expand the zip folders. …
12:17 PM Ticket #473 (How is FWHM (X and Y) defined for the tubes) created by srkline
For the tubes, check with John to see if the FWHM is really better …
12:16 PM Ticket #457 (pixel FWHM is 2D) closed by srkline
fixed: fixed the naming, moved the per-tube definition of FWHM to a new ticket
12:14 PM Ticket #472 (make data file fields nexus compliant names) created by srkline
change things like PixelFWHM_X to pixel_fwhm_x to conform to the Naxus …
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