Feb 2, 2017:

9:52 AM Changeset [1022] by srkline
ADDED: included common NCNR procedures for the PlotManager?, to allow …

Feb 1, 2017:

1:06 PM Ticket #566 (duplicated group_id field) created by srkline
it's in the reduction section, and the sample section. It is more natural …

Jan 31, 2017:

8:27 AM Ticket #565 (add a display raw data button directly to the raw data display) created by anonymous
add a button here - to avoid needing to constantly switch panels.
8:12 AM Ticket #564 (group_id field is a text value) created by anonymous
the field shows up as a text value, and would better be represented as an …

Jan 30, 2017:

1:19 PM Ticket #563 (integer too large for monitor count field) created by srkline
when copying VCALC to a VSANS file, using a value of iMon (= neutrons on …

Jan 26, 2017:

12:11 PM Ticket #562 (Data masking/editing macro for 1-D data sets) created by anonymous
(from Markus Bleuel) With USANS there is this very nice MASK macro.. …
12:08 PM Ticket #561 (combining 5 data sets using NSORT) created by anonymous
(from Markus Bleuel) When combining SANS + USANS it is often helpful to …

Jan 23, 2017:

4:21 PM Changeset [1021] by srkline
Adjusting testing macros and panels to be listed on the VSANS menu rather …

Jan 19, 2017:

7:53 AM Changeset [1020] by srkline
changes to V_Correct.ipf to account for VSANS (9) detector banks.

Jan 17, 2017:

8:37 AM Changeset [1019] by srkline
adding procedures for: simple save of a DIV file. no functionality to …

Jan 12, 2017:

11:12 AM Ticket #498 (add data fields for XY center values in real distance) closed by srkline
fixed: for now, decided to not add space for these to the header. these values …
11:03 AM Ticket #511 (ModifyImage log=1 fails with zero present) closed by srkline
10:59 AM Ticket #501 (Method for entering beam center (pixels?) into data files) closed by srkline
fixed: Values for all 9 XY pairs can be entered into data files all at once from …
10:53 AM Ticket #530 (need header "inspector") closed by srkline
fixed: Now have a basic dump of the data tree, ignoring the DAS_logs folder. …
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