May 31, 2018:

12:01 PM Ticket #623 (Mask shapes that are not full tubes) closed by srkline
fixed: this was added in r1104 Operations are very similar to what is done in …
10:12 AM Changeset [1104] by srkline
updated mask drawing procedures to allow draw/erase of different shapes, …

May 25, 2018:

3:22 PM Changeset [1103] by srkline
change of wording of how the reference beam centers are handled.
11:11 AM Changeset [1102] by srkline
fixed a few bugs in the transmission panel. added patching operation for …

May 22, 2018:

3:29 PM Changeset [1101] by srkline
bug fixes for the back detector dimensions and beam center (pixels)

May 18, 2018:

10:32 AM Changeset [1100] by srkline
Significant restructuring of V_ExecuteProtocol to make the logic of the …

May 9, 2018:

9:02 AM Ticket #632 (verify the per-q-value calculation of the resolution matrix) closed by srkline
fixed: verified the calculation with old USANS test data, and it works fine, …
9:01 AM Ticket #629 (NaN in reduced data files) closed by srkline
fixed: added a function to remove NaN values

May 7, 2018:

1:14 PM Changeset [1099] by srkline
added Beaucage model to White Beam so that I could model the CFG sample. …

May 3, 2018:

1:00 PM Ticket #632 (verify the per-q-value calculation of the resolution matrix) created by srkline
verify that this works for USANS and reproduces the "old" code. Then I can …
12:58 PM Ticket #631 (speedup of USANS/VSANS matrix calculation) created by srkline
can this be multithreaded?
12:57 PM Ticket #630 (duplicate values in reduced data) created by srkline
Need to be sure that duplicated q-values do not appear in reduced I(q) …
12:54 PM Ticket #629 (NaN in reduced data files) created by srkline
Need to be sure that NaN values do not appear in the output I(q) files. If …

May 1, 2018:

4:05 PM Ticket #628 (NSORT: rescale and combine 1-D files) created by hmarti18@…
Every time I try to auto-rescale and combine my 3 waves I get an error …
8:52 AM Changeset [1098] by srkline
renamed white beam smearing models so they would be grouped together on …
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