Aug 15, 2019:

4:39 PM Changeset [1196] by krzywon
Loop over q and dq to populate qx and qy waves.
4:09 PM Changeset [1195] by krzywon
Write SASprocess for NSORTed files, but not other meta data.
2:33 PM Changeset [1194] by krzywon
Output NSORT data as NXcanSAS. Mostly tested, but a couple TODOs and …

Aug 13, 2019:

3:13 PM Changeset [1193] by krzywon
Load 2D NXcanSAS data correctly.
2:48 PM Ticket #658 (Rebinning of I(q), multiple tube widths) closed by srkline
fixed: implemented in r1192 the deltaQ is still set individually per panel, but …
2:39 PM Changeset [1192] by srkline
added comments in NCNR_Utils identifying the proper instrument prefix …
1:19 PM Changeset [1191] by krzywon
Load in multiple detectors and fix errors happening when loading data.
12:06 PM Changeset [1190] by krzywon
Update loader for multidata and multientry items. TODO: differentiate 1D …

Aug 7, 2019:

11:27 AM Changeset [1189] by krzywon
Incorporate suggested changes for cleaner separation of VSANS, USANS, and …

Jul 29, 2019:

11:14 AM Changeset [1188] by srkline
increasing setVariable control size on the masking panel so that the …

Jul 26, 2019:

1:28 PM Ticket #676 (Recall Protocol operation) created by srkline
Recall protocol needs to "pop" the menu items once it it recalled to be …

Jul 22, 2019:

4:16 PM Changeset [1187] by krzywon
Create a method to open or create a new file for all NXcanSAS writers.
11:58 AM Changeset [1186] by krzywon
Fix issues with processNote, Qdev, and temperature for the VSANS NXcanSAS …
10:30 AM Changeset [1185] by krzywon
Add QxQy_NXcanSAS as a reduction option in protocol menu.

Jul 19, 2019:

2:21 PM Changeset [1184] by krzywon
Modify 2D VSANS NXcanSAS writer to write all data and meta data.

Jul 18, 2019:

10:11 AM Changeset [1183] by krzywon
Successfully output 1D VSANS data in NXcanSAS format.

Jul 17, 2019:

4:50 PM Changeset [1182] by krzywon
Tie NXcanSAS into reduction methods and add debugging statements.
3:14 PM Changeset [1181] by krzywon
VSANS 2D NXcanSAS writer real data from file. Procedure compiles, but not …
11:50 AM Changeset [1180] by krzywon
VSANS 1D NXcanSAS writer store real meta data from file. Not fully …
9:56 AM Changeset [1179] by krzywon
VSANS 1D NXcanSAS writer created with appropriate data locations, but fake …

Jul 16, 2019:

3:11 PM Changeset [1178] by srkline
changing how the DIV file is generated. Testing out different …
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