Oct 18, 2019:

4:07 PM Changeset [1226] by srkline
removing the branch added by mistake
3:17 PM WikiStart edited by srkline
3:16 PM Changeset [1225] by srkline
re-fixing the fixed installer. Now it works correctly.
3:01 PM WikiStart edited by srkline
3:00 PM Changeset [1224] by srkline
updating the installer to include the new VSANS help file - so that it can …
2:43 PM WikiStart edited by srkline
2:01 PM Changeset [1223] by srkline
adding the release versionk 7.97 and updating working version to 7.98
1:08 PM Changeset [1222] by srkline
Updated help file for VSANS. Graphics were not PNG. Removed HFIR SANS …

Oct 4, 2019:

9:21 AM Ticket #681 (Incorrect reporting of the beam collimation condition) created by srkline
The "top level" field in the collimation block always is filled in as …
9:20 AM Ticket #680 (Add definition of Super White Beam) created by srkline
need to add this in the beam/collimation definition.
9:13 AM WikiStart edited by srkline
9:09 AM Changeset [1221] by srkline
Release version including QUOKKA updates. Minor changes to SANS and …
9:04 AM Changeset [1220] by srkline
adding more super white beam files (models to test) adding a simple …
8:56 AM Changeset [1219] by srkline
Corrections to the NGB30mSANS attenuator tables (for 3A data only). …
8:45 AM Changeset [1218] by srkline
changes to NXcanSAS branch to allow each reduction package to compile …

Oct 1, 2019:

7:00 AM Ticket #679 (Global Fit not working) created by ncallagh@…
Does not complete Global Fit. The "Fit Progress Graph" window pops up, …

Sep 26, 2019:

1:13 PM Changeset [1217] by srkline
fixed minor bugs in attenuator table definition (didn't affect …
9:11 AM Changeset [1216] by krzywon
Delete the quokka_update branch.

Sep 25, 2019:

11:57 AM Changeset [1215] by krzywon
Merge quokka_update changes into trunk.

Sep 24, 2019:

11:16 AM Changeset [1214] by krzywon
Separate averaging specific parameters from protocol panel to overcome …

Sep 20, 2019:

6:06 PM Changeset [1213] by krzywon
Add elliptical averaging into protocol panel.
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