Apr 6, 2020:

4:42 PM Ticket #652 (Speed improvement in reduction) closed by srkline
fixed: done. If the back detector is not being used, it can be set in the …
4:40 PM Ticket #600 (Data file catalog speedup) closed by srkline
wontfix: keep as-is -- robust is better than any minimal speed improvement I could …
4:39 PM Ticket #598 (Data file access speedup) closed by srkline
wontfix: slow is how it must be. The method I use to read the whole file is robust. …
4:37 PM Ticket #601 (re-catalog a single row of the file catalog) closed by srkline
wontfix: no - way too confusing to keep up and the results could be very bad (ruin …
4:35 PM Ticket #569 (Installer needs to add alias for HDF5 XOP) closed by srkline
4:34 PM Ticket #659 (New Averaging Options) closed by srkline

Apr 2, 2020:

11:35 AM Ticket #687 (Can I fit my data with a model that contains both form factor and ...) closed by srkline
fixed: replied with direct email on 4/2/20 -- yes, the P*S functions are there. …

Apr 1, 2020:

11:54 AM Changeset [1249] by srkline
minor changes - can't find the diff command in TortoiseSVN…

Mar 30, 2020:

10:15 PM Ticket #687 (Can I fit my data with a model that contains both form factor and ...) created by DYe@…
Hi, I am working on SAXS data fitting and I really like the SANS …

Mar 20, 2020:

2:42 PM Changeset [1248] by srkline
A few more tweaks for the panel layout on small screens
11:51 AM Changeset [1247] by srkline
more changes to panel scaling so that they are viewed properly on a …

Mar 19, 2020:

4:35 PM Changeset [1246] by srkline
A large number of changes to the size of panels to enable "Laptop Mode" …

Mar 16, 2020:

3:07 PM Changeset [1245] by srkline
another test commit after re-setup on the laptop
10:54 AM Ticket #685 (Metadata Field for "High Res In Use") created by srkline
There will, at some point will be a reduction field added that signifies …

Mar 13, 2020:

4:09 PM Changeset [1244] by srkline
test commit from laptop

Mar 12, 2020:

6:23 PM Changeset [1243] by srkline
added some test procedures to make it easier to calculate and patch the …
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