To create a "blank" installer:

There must be NO paths present!!! - so start from a blank (new) experiment

  • open 3 files:


The "FilesToRemove" is a set of Igor text waves with all of the likely names and locations of old installations that must be removed to avoid compatibility conflicts with the new version. There are separate lists for files and folders in the Igor Extensions, Igor Help Files, and User Procedures folder. These three files are under svn in Analysis/Models/Packages?

  • then open the installerPanel()
  • then ADOPT the two procedure files

(don't use Adopt All..., you'll get into trouble this way)

  • then add a line to the built-in procedure window:


to run on startup, to allow the user to kill the old help files (if any) so that the installation will proceed without any OS errors from trying to move files in use.

  • Last, save as "NCNR_Install_or_Update.pxp"


--DO NOT save as a .pxt file, or the home path will not be present
--If the installer has been run/saved, then the IgorProcPath will exist, and will generate an error if the .pxp is opened on another computer, since the path cannot be found (it also is technically "in use", and cannot be killed)

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