To Create a Release Version:

-- tag the current trunk version
-- name the release "release-a.bc" as needed
% svn copy -m "Tagging the 5.01 release -- minor bug fixes"

-- move to a local directory to keep the release version
-- export the release (this will not have the .svn directory)
-- the folder (in this case "SANS_Reduction_v5.01") will be created
% svn export SANS_Reduction_v5.01

-- make a zip archive of the folder
-- move to a nice local folder
-- check out the Release_Files
% svn co

% cd Release_Files/

-- move the zip file to the Release_Files directory
-- see what has changed
% svn status
-- add what is new (in this case I had to add a new directory to house the SANS_Reduction release)
% svn add SANSReduction/

-- then commit the changes to put the zip file in the repository
% svn commit

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