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The 1D output files of desmeared USANS data are of the format below. There is a header of information describing the sample information (gleaned from the raw data file) and information about the processing steps that were taken to generate the reduced data file. The data is in a 6-column format where the 6 columns are:

1- q (1/Angstrom)
2- I(q) (1/cm)
3- standard deviation of I(q) (1/cm)
4- standard deviation in q of the resolution (1/cm)
5- mean q-value for the resolution (1/Angstrom)
6- beam stop shadowing factor (=1 if no shadowing effect)

Note that the 3 columns of resolution information have been artificially set to values that are appropriate for "perfect" un-smeared data, since this is desmeared data and presumably suffers no resolution effects.

(only a snippet of the file is shown here)

data snippet here

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