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The 2D ASCII GRASP output files of SANS data are of the format below. It is simply a dump of the detector pixels that may or may not have gone through any correction steps. What corrections have been applied to the data depend on what (if any) reduction steps were applied before exporting the file. The format is specifically designed for import into GRASP analysis software.

In each file there is a header of information describing the sample information (gleaned from the raw data file) and information about the processing steps that were taken to generate the reduced data file. The data is a comma-delimited array of detector counts (or corrected counts):

The 2D detector is a normal XY coordinate system when viewed from the neutron source. The array of data is written by rows (L -> R) and Top -> Bottom. The current detector is square, 128x128 pixels.

No errors are currently carried with the data.

(only a snippet of the file is shown here)

 'SILIC001.SA3_SRK_S101'   '21-JAN-2008 11:21:01'   'RAW'
Empty beam 1.3M                                             
 180  4.50077e+06  0  44842
 Cnt.Time(sec.)    Mon. Cnt.      Trans. Det. Cnt.  Tot. Det. Cnt.
 1  0.2  -1 '      ' -1 '      ' 2  9  6
 Trans.      Thckns       Temp.           H Field         Table  Holder  Pos
 6  0.142  1  'ORNL  '  -5
 Wavelength &  Spread(FWHM)    Det.#  Type      Sample Rotation Angle
 1.32999  20  67.98  64.19  50.8  8
 Sam-Det Dis.(m)   Det.Ang.(cm.)   Beam Center(x,y)  Beam Stop(mm)  Atten.No.
 5  10000  0  5  10000  0
        Det. Calib Consts. (x)           Det. Calib Consts. (y)
 50  3  5.4675  '    F'  -1  -1
 Aperture (A1,A2) Sizes(mm)    Sep.(m)    Flip ON   Horiz. and Vert. Cur.(amps)
 99  111  58  69  0  0  0
      Rows        Cols       Factor   Qmin      Qmax
 Packed Counts by Rows (L -> R) and Top -> Bot

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