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     1The 2D ASCII output files of SANS data are of the format below. It is simply a dump of the detector pixels that may or may not have gone through any correction steps. What corrections have been applied to the data depend on what (if any) reduction steps were applied before exporting the file. 
     3In each file there is a header of information describing the sample information (gleaned from the raw data file) and information about the processing steps that were taken to generate the reduced data file. The data is in a single column format of detector counts (or corrected counts):[[BR]] 
     5The 2D detector is a normal XY coordinate system when viewed from the neutron source. The single column of data is written row-wise, starting with Y=1 and X=1->128, that is starting from the lower left corner of the detector and working to the upper right. The current detector is square, 128x128 pixels. 
     7No errors are currently carried with the data. 
     9(only a snippet of the file is shown here) 
     12FILE: SILIC009.SA3_SRK_S109   CREATED: 22-JAN-2008 02:39:11 
     13LABEL: Silica 2 pct in D2O Scatt 1.3M                               
     14MON CNT   LAMBDA(A)   DET_OFF(cm)   DET_DIST(m)   TRANS   THICK(cm) 
     157.6329e+06  6       20     1.33     0.72501     0.2 
     16BCENT(X,Y)   A1(mm)   A2(mm)   A1A2DIST(m)   DL/L   BSTOP(mm)   DET_TYP   
     17106.8  64.59  50  3  5.4675  0.142  50.8  ORNL   
     18SAM: RAW Data File: SILIC009.SA3_SRK_S109 
     19BGD: none 
     20EMP: none 
     21DIV: none 
     22MASK: none 
     23ABS Parameters (3-6): none 
     24Average Choices: none 
     26*** Data written from RAW folder and may not be a fully corrected data file *** 
     27The detector image is a standard X-Y coordinate system 
     28Data is written by row, starting with Y=1 and X=(1->128) 
     29ASCII data created Fri, May 9, 2008 10:54:08 AM 
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