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Release notes for version 7.98:

  • DIV file generation now fully supports the HighRes? detector.
  • Fixed compile errors due to missing XML xop.
  • Added patch for updating the XY pixel dimensions of the HighRes? detector.

Release notes for version 7.97:

  • Bug fix for % sign printing in Igor 8.
  • Additional support for super white beam mode on VSANS.
  • Corrected display of images in VSANS Help file.
  • Corrected display of temperature sensor graph in VSANS.

Release notes for version 7.96:

  • Significant update to QUOKKA SANS macros.
  • Minor changes to SANS and VSANS.

Release notes for version 7.95:

  • Attenuator tables for VSANS have been updated to cover the wavelength range 4.52 Å to 19 Å.
  • Attenuator tables for NGB 30m SANS have been updated to include 3 Å.
  • Help file for VSANS is now integrated within the macros (but not yet completely written).

Release notes for version 7.94:

  • Binning of data in larger q-bins during reduction can now be set as a preference. Non-integer bins are allowed.
  • Recalling a protocol now properly fills in all of the global values, including number of points trimmed.
  • DIV files are now generated by normalizing all 8 middle + front panels simultaneously.
  • Smoothed USANS data sets can now be saved directly from the desmearing panel.

Release notes for version 7.93:

  • QxQy? ASCII export now includes a 9th column containing the mask, and has the .DAT extension
  • The averaging option "Yes - Individual" will save each detector panel as an individual file without concatenation
  • Detector sensitivity files (DIV) can now be generated for the High-Res detector

Release notes for version 7.92:

  • sensor data (temperature) can now be plotted if it is present
  • sector averaging now uses the same angle definitions as for SANS

Release notes for version 7.91:

  • updated beam center calculations with improved accuracy

Release notes for version 7.90:

  • corrected the handling of new NICE-generated USANS data

Release notes for version 7.89:

  • Support for the new (NICE-generated) USANS data format of q-values rather than angle is included.
  • VCALC has been improved greatly to allow easier configuration of the VSANS instrument, including hard/soft shadowing of the detector panels to calculate realistic q-ranges, more details of flux conditions, preset configurations to start from, and the ability to print out configurations.
  • The Real Time display of VSANS data now works using the current VSANS data on charlotte.

Release notes for version 7.87 / 7.88:

  • Support for the new (NICE-generated) USANS data format (swapped columns) is included
  • Support for VSANS output format of QxQy? ASCII has been added