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SANS and USANS Data Analysis Macros

What's New in SANS Analysis - Version 7.10 - March 2012

  • A beta version of real-space modeling has been added, allowing Debye's sphere method to be used to calculate the scattering from 3D structures in real-space. FFT version of the calculation provides 2D information, and a binned distance method provides a much faster calculation.

What's New in SANS Analysis - Version 7.0 - April 2010

  • More analysis models: Fractals with polydisperse subunits, Fuzzy spheres, bicelles, paracrystalline models (lamellar, SC, FCC, BCC), core with multiple shells, spherocylinders, lenses, barbell, plus several empirical models, and more.
  • A Simple Global Fitting module has been added that is simpler to set up global fitting for the special case of two data sets, typically one USANS set and one SANS set from the same sample.
  • Genetic Optimization has been added as an optional search method for non-linear fitting. (Andy Nelson, ANSTO)
  • Reduction and Analysis can now be carried out in the same Igor experiment. Reduction and analysis modules can be loaded as needed, and hidden when no longer in use.
  • Complex constraints of coefficients can be entered as well as simple bounds. See Parameter Constraints
  • Experimental data that has been modified (trimmed, rescaled, etc.) can be easily saved to disk.

Details and progress of the project are available here

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