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SANS and USANS Data Analysis Macros

The SANS and USANS Analysis macros are scheduled for a new release at the end of 2007. A beta release is scheduled for the end of October 2007, in time for the CANSAS meeting hosted by the NCNR.

Driven by requests from the user community, this release is planned to incorporate:

(1) Updated handling of instrumental resolution

  • plotting of multiple smeared models, for different data sets
  • loading of data into separate data folders
  • USANS matrix smearing

(2) Simplified interface

  • easier plotting and appending of models
  • easier fitting of models to data

(3) Speed, speed, speed

  • compiled XOPs (typical 7x faster)
  • USANS matrix smearing (> 10x faster)
  • multithreaded calculations (Nx faster, may only be implemented in 2D calculations)

(4) Incorporation of components from DANSE

  • 2D (anisotropic) scattering models
  • 2D fitting of data

These new features take advantage of new features such as threading, structure fit functions, conditional compiling, and interface elements that require Igor 6. This specification list is subject to change without notice. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.