The SANS Analysis functions have now all been transferred into a library ([96:105]) with XOP code that references it.

To build the library, test program and XOPs on OS X, simply check out the appropriate changeset to a folder at the same level as your XOPSupport folder (e.g. if you have devel/XOPSupport then put the checked out code in devel/SANSAnalysis) and open the XCode project then build away.

To build just the library, in the absence of any fancy build functions, do the following:

svn co http://d121099/svn/sans/Analysis/branches/ajj_23APR07/XOPs/SANSAnalysis SANSAnalysis
cd SANSAnalysis/lib
gcc -c *.c
ar crv libSANSAnalysis.a *.o
ranlib libSANSAnalysis.a

cd ../test
gcc -o sphereform sphereform.c -lSANSAnalysis -L../lib -lm

You should now have a functioning SANSAnalysis library (lib/libSANSAnalysis.a) and header file (lib/libSANSAnalysis.h), and an example program (sphereform) which generates the form factor of a sphere of radius 60A and contrast 1x10-6A-2 .


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