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USANS Data Reduction Macros

The SANS group at the NIST Center for Neutron Research provides USANS data reduction software in a visual and user-friendly form.

What's New in USANS Reduction - Version 7.0 - April 2010

  • Simulation of USANS data has been added. Similar to SASCALC for SANS, you can now adjust the angular ranges and steps, optimizing the instrument setup for the expected scattering of your sample. See UCALC and Simulation of USANS Data.
  • Reduced 1D data is now written out in canSAS standard XML format.
  • Individual raw (.bt5) files can be added together to improve statistics if a sample is re-measured at a single angular range. See Adding Raw BT5 Files.
  • Two full data sets (all angular ranges) can be added together to improve statistics. See Adding Two Data Sets.

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