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Welcome to the Trac site for NCNR SANS Software

This wiki and subversion repository browser are for software developed and managed by the SANS group at the NIST Center for Neutron Scattering.

The NCNR has a long history of providing easy to use data reduction and analysis tools to its users. In the case of the SANS and USANS instruments, this is through a set of macros and functions implemented using the IGOR Pro™ package from Wavemetrics Inc, which is a general purpose plotting and data analysis package with a rich in-built programming language.

With the opening of new neutron scattering user facilities at the Oak Ridge National Lab (HIFR cold source), ANSTO in Australia (OPAL reactor) and KAERI in South Korea (HANARO cold source) we are taking the opportunity to expand the packages we provide.

One initiative is to explore collaboration with the above mentioned facilities to produce a shared code base of IGOR procedures for the reduction and analysis of small angle scattering data. This would provide to users a familiar environment whichever facility they use and make co-analysis of data from different facilities much simpler, an often heard refrain from the nomadic scattering community. In the version 7.10 Release of the NCNR Package, users can load and reduce data collected at HFIR (BioSANS and HiResSANS, code modifications provided by the DANSE project), ILL (D22), and ANSTO (Quokka).

Another initiative in conjunction with the scattering community is to produce reduced (1D, I(Q)) data in a common, standardized output format. Beginning with the 7.0 release, the NCNR package writes data in canSAS XML format. This data format is a product of international canSAS meetings, and the format is supported by many other facilities (ISIS, APS (Argonne), + others to be named later).

As always, these initiatives are driven by the needs and suggestions from facility users. Our aim is to enhance the suite of tools available to our users in order to permit faster, more complex analyses of their scattering data than are currently possible.

Current release package - Version 7.98 - December 11, 2019
Download the Current NCNR SANS Package

The current release of the macros include support for the newly-comissioned VSANS instrument. Since the instrument is so new, the software is constantly being improved. If you use the VSANS instrument, please check back often to be sure that you are using the latest version of the software.

Instructions for VSANS Reduction in current release package
VSANS Reduction Documentation

SANS Reduction and Analysis Web Page
NCNR SANS Reduction

Release notes for version 7.98:

  • DIV file generation now fully supports the HighRes? detector.
  • Fixed compile errors due to missing XML xop.
  • Added patch for updating the XY pixel dimensions of the HighRes? detector.

Release notes for version 7.97:

  • Bug fix for % sign printing in Igor 8.
  • Additional support for super white beam mode on VSANS.
  • Corrected display of images in VSANS Help file.
  • Corrected display of temperature sensor graph in VSANS.

Release notes for version 7.96:

  • Significant update to QUOKKA SANS macros.
  • Minor changes to SANS and VSANS.

Release notes for version 7.95:

  • Attenuator tables for VSANS have been updated to cover the wavelength range 4.52 Å to 19 Å.
  • Attenuator tables for NGB 30m SANS have been updated to include 3 Å.
  • Help file for VSANS is now integrated within the macros (but not yet completely written).

Release notes for version 7.94:

  • Binning of data in larger q-bins during reduction can now be set as a preference. Non-integer bins are allowed.
  • Recalling a protocol now properly fills in all of the global values, including number of points trimmed.
  • DIV files are now generated by normalizing all 8 middle + front panels simultaneously.
  • Smoothed USANS data sets can now be saved directly from the desmearing panel.

Release notes for version 7.93:

  • QxQy? ASCII export now includes a 9th column containing the mask, and has the .DAT extension
  • The averaging option "Yes - Individual" will save each detector panel as an individual file without concatenation
  • Detector sensitivity files (DIV) can now be generated for the High-Res detector

Release notes for version 7.92:

  • sensor data (temperature) can now be plotted if it is present
  • sector averaging now uses the same angle definitions as for SANS

Release notes for version 7.91:

  • updated beam center calculations with improved accuracy

Release notes for version 7.90:

  • corrected the handling of new NICE-generated USANS data

Release notes for version 7.89:

  • Support for the new (NICE-generated) USANS data format of q-values rather than angle is included.
  • VCALC has been improved greatly to allow easier configuration of the VSANS instrument, including hard/soft shadowing of the detector panels to calculate realistic q-ranges, more details of flux conditions, preset configurations to start from, and the ability to print out configurations.
  • The Real Time display of VSANS data now works using the current VSANS data on charlotte.

Release notes for version 7.87 / 7.88:

  • Support for the new (NICE-generated) USANS data format (swapped columns) is included
  • Support for VSANS output format of QxQy? ASCII has been added

For a listing of what's been added up to the version 7.98 release:

For a complete listing of what's been added up to the version 7.85 release:

For a complete listing of what's new in the version 7.20 release:

There are also tips and tools for those using the repository:

For details of the canSAS XML data format:

For more information about the DANSE project and the SANS subproject:

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